Rustic kitchen 1

Rustic style kitchen, made in oak wood lacquered in white and treated with open pore to make the wood grain highlight. An unique kitchen for a special space.

Modern oak kitchen

Kitchen with oak fronts with horizontal grain. Opening system “GOLA”Lacquered in gloss Black. Straight lines, clean and symmetrical design for a modern kitchen.

American kitchen

Kitchen that mixes framed door and flat door. Both lacquered in matt finish. Black stellar Silestone countertop with cascade island sides. An elegant way to integrate living room and kitchen and keeping the spaces separate.

Warm tones kitchen

Laminated white gloss combined with laminated wood in warm tones.

Stylish kitchen

Kitchen in laminate wood with handle inlaid on the door. Another way to have no handles doors .

Lacquered wood kitchen

Kitchen that mixes totally different doors. Oak wood veneer with the handle made in the same front and white Extragloss on the wall cabinets. swinging opening for the wall cabinets with wide doors making these furniture large storage spaces.

Fenix NTM kitchen

Kitchen maid in Phoenix NTM (new material used in kitchens that is self-repairing). Light gray with white. Handles integrated on door. Detail of the low furniture of 80cm high, reducing the kickboard to 10cm and raising the work surface to 95cm.

Kitchen in stratified colors

Kitchen in stratified warm colors. Low hanging cabinets. Very important, the hanging system for this cabinets. It must first of all be safe, and allow large weights as far exceeding the capacity of the cabinets. Important also the quality of the wall on which these cabinets are hanged.

White kitchen

Kitchen in white gloss stratified with opening system “Gola”(made on the cabinet carcass) in stainless steel. Gray glass worktop.