Kitchen with glossy white and matte terra peninsula

Kitchen with Glossy White Peninsula: discover Functional Elegance

Discover the perfect harmony between aesthetics and functionality of the latest creation from our kitchen store in Malaga: a design with Peninsula in glossy white and matte terra colour. This exceptionally designed space represents the culmination of contemporary sophistication and intelligent practicality.

Open kitchen designs that inspire

Our kitchen with a glossy white peninsula is more than a culinary space; It is an expression of style and practicality. The contemporary design of the glossy white HPL fronts creates a luminous canvas that amplifies the feeling of spaciousness and light in the room. The choice of glossy white not only highlights the timeless elegance, but also brings a modern and fresh touch to the environment.

Efficiency in Every Detail:

At the heart of this kitchen, the peninsula stands as a centerpiece that fuses functionality with aesthetics. Every detail has been carefully thought out to maximize space and efficiency. From the Torano Estatuario porcelain countertop to the hidden water heater above the washing machine, this kitchen is not only a feast for the eyes, but also an example of intuitive engineering.

Exploited Spaces, Intelligent Design:

Although the kitchen is not extensive, its design makes the most of every square centimeter. Strategically placed pillars not only add character, but also optimize the design for unparalleled functionality. Discover how this kitchen proves that size does not define greatness; rather, it is the wise use of space that makes the difference.

Seamless Integration:

The integration of the kitchen with the living room is a key element of this design. A peninsula-like bar not only serves as a preparation area, but also as a harmonious transition between the kitchen and living space. This integration not only enhances functionality, but also creates a welcoming and contemporary atmosphere.

Transform Your Home:

If you are looking to transform your home into a place where aesthetics and functionality converge, our kitchen with a glossy white peninsula is the answer. Every element of this project has been designed to inspire and elevate the daily home experience.

In short, our gloss white peninsula kitchen is a testament to intelligent design, impeccable aesthetics and uncompromising functionality. In every corner, you will discover a story of innovation and style. Explore further to discover how this kitchen can be the focal point of your home, taking interior design excellence to a whole new level.

About the project

White kitchen with peninsula:

  • Kitchen with glossy white HPL fronts and matte terra laminate.
  • Torano Estatuario porcelain countertop
  • A fully equipped kitchen, with the water heater hidden above the washing machine.
  • The kitchen is not very big, with pillars on the walls, but the space is fully utilized.
  • Open to the living room incorporating a bar as a table and space separation.
Cocina con península blanco brillo y terra mate
Cocina con península blanco brillo y terra mate
Cocina con península blanco brillo y terra mate
Cocina con península blanco brillo y terra mate
Cocina con península blanco brillo y terra mate
Cocina con península blanco brillo y terra mate