Small U-shaped kitchen

Functional Design for Small U-Shaped Kitchen with Peninsula

A small U-shaped kitchen is a smart solution to make the most of the available space and create a comfortable and functional kitchen environment. Explore this modern kitchen design that combines efficiency with style.

Kitchen Design with High Quality Materials

This U-shaped kitchen has glossy white HPL fronts, which brings light and visual spaciousness to the space. Glossy white is perfect for reflecting light and making the kitchen feel more spacious than it really is. In addition, the integrated handles maintain an elegant and minimalist look.

The Silestone countertop in expo gray, 2 cm thick, adds a touch of sophistication to the kitchen. Silestone is known for its durability and stain resistance, making it a perfect choice for a busy work area like the kitchen.

Quality Appliances

This kitchen is fully equipped with Electrolux brand appliances, ensuring efficiency and performance. It includes a hob, an extractor, an oven, a microwave and a fridge freezer. With these high-quality appliances, cooking becomes a pleasure and not a chore.

Multifunctional Peninsula

The peninsula in this U-shaped small kitchen adds an extra dimension to the design. Not only does it serve as additional prep and storage space, but it can also function as a breakfast area or a place to socialize while cooking. The versatility of the peninsula makes this kitchen perfect for families or those who enjoy company while cooking.

Hidden Aerothermal for a Pleasant Climate

To maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen, a hidden aerothermal system has been incorporated in the corner. This allows the ideal temperature to be maintained in any season of the year, without taking up additional space and maintaining a clean and unobstructed appearance.

This U-shaped kitchen with peninsula combines modern design and functionality in a small space. With high-quality materials, efficient appliances, and a versatile peninsula, this kitchen proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style and comfort in a smaller space.

If you’re looking for a kitchen that maximizes available space and has an attractive design, consider a U-shaped kitchen. This clever design can turn your small kitchen into the heart of your home.

Remember that, to obtain the best results in your search for a small U-shaped kitchen, it is important to have professionals who can customize this design according to your specific needs. Make your small kitchen look great and work efficiently!

About the project

U-shaped small kitchen design::

  • Kitchen with glossy white HPL fronts and integrated handles.
  • Countertop in expo gray Silestone 2cm thick.
  • Electrolux appliances fully equipped with dishwasher, hob, extractor, oven, microwave and fridge freezer.
  • Hidden air heater in the corner
Cocina pequeña en forma de U. Idecocina
Cocina pequeña en forma de U. Idecocina
Cocina pequeña en forma de U. Idecocina
Cocina pequeña en forma de U. Idecocina
Cocina pequeña en forma de U. Idecocina
Cocina pequeña en forma de U. Idecocina