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In our catalogue you can find all kinds of kitchens to inspire you while designing your ideal kitchen.

Retractable doors kitchen

Kitchen in laminate looking like wood finish. Retractable doors, when are closed, everything is hide like a wardrobe. Island in matte gray lacquered doors. Glass doors with bronze finish frames and inside LED lighting.

Vintage kitchen

Kitchen within light blue lacquered doors. Stainless steel top. Smeg Appliances. An original vintage look kitchen for a small open space

Walnut wood kitchen

Kitchen that mixes the warmth of the wood in walnut wood and the lacquered doors in graphite gray matt finish. Handles integrated on doors. Very wide doors and drawers. Wonderful acrylic countertop with dining area included.

Oak fronts kitchen

Kitchen with oak fronts in gray finish. Opening system “Gola” Lacquered in gloss black. Large doors and drawers. Elegance and sobriety, all in one.

Black and white laminate kitchen

Kitchen in black and white glossy laminate. A very resistant material at a very affordable price. Pantry area with matte glass doors. Recommended LED interior lighting in the furniture's hull.

Countertop wood kitchen

Kitchen with lacquered doors matt gray stainless steel color. Handle integrated made on door. Solid wood countertop with cascade island sides.

Open kitchen

Kitchen with lacquered doors in matt white, with areas in laminate wood. The elegance of the white color mixed with the warmth of the laminate wood finish. Counter top and back wall in Dekton. Nice extractor integrated in the ceiling. A wonderful proposal of how to integrate kitchen and open dining area.

Kitchen with large island

Kitchen in matt black laminate and wood laminate. A large island with fire and water. A great proposal for large spaces full of storage!

Personalized kitchen

Kitchen in black glossy laminate. Steel handles integrated in the fronts. Printed fronts. We print any composition of images in a continuous pictures, being able to make compositions like this one.

Screen-printed kitchen

Kitchen in black gloss laminate and white gloss. Steel handles integrated on the fronts. Screen printed on the drawers. We print any composition of images in a continuous way, being able to make compositions like this one.

White kitchen

Kitchen in white gloss stratified with opening system “Gola”(made on the cabinet carcass) in stainless steel. Gray glass worktop.

Kitchen in stratified colors

Kitchen in stratified warm colors. Low hanging cabinets. Very important, the hanging system for this cabinets. It must first of all be safe, and allow large weights as far exceeding the capacity of the cabinets. Important also the quality of the wall on which these cabinets are hanged.

Fenix NTM kitchen

Kitchen maid in Phoenix NTM (new material used in kitchens that is self-repairing). Light gray with white. Handles integrated on door. Detail of the low furniture of 80cm high, reducing the kickboard to 10cm and raising the work surface to 95cm.

Lacquered wood kitchen

Kitchen that mixes totally different doors. Oak wood veneer with the handle made in the same front and white Extragloss on the wall cabinets. swinging opening for the wall cabinets with wide doors making these furniture large storage spaces.

Stylish kitchen

Kitchen in laminate wood with handle inlaid on the door. Another way to have no handles doors .

Warm tones kitchen

Laminated white gloss combined with laminated wood in warm tones.

American kitchen

Kitchen that mixes framed door and flat door. Both lacquered in matt finish. Black stellar Silestone countertop with cascade island sides. An elegant way to integrate living room and kitchen and keeping the spaces separate.

Modern oak kitchen

Kitchen with oak fronts with horizontal grain. Opening system “GOLA”Lacquered in gloss Black. Straight lines, clean and symmetrical design for a modern kitchen.

Rustic kitchen 1

Rustic style kitchen, made in oak wood lacquered in white and treated with open pore to make the wood grain highlight. An unique kitchen for a special space.

Rustic kitchen 2

Rustic kitchen with cherry wood fronts. It combines differents heights of floor cabinets. Silestone Lyra worktop.

Planet Halifax Natural kitchen – White Stuco
Kitchen Planet Natural Elm + Cashmere
Kitchen Planet Crude Elm + White
Gray-Curry-Niagara Stucco Kitchen
Max Gray Pearl Kitchen – Halifax Tobacco
Kitchen Film 22 Silk Cloud + Silk White + Grotto Cement
kitchen design with island

L-shaped kitchen design with a huge island for eight people. A custom made design.

U-shaped kitchen with peninsula

Pequeña cocina equipada con todo e integrada en un espacio de pequeñas dimensiones. Perfecta para éste apartamento en un edificio antiguo en el centro histórico de Málaga.

Kitchenette with Island

Small kitchen equipped with everything and open to the living room. The island as the protagonist gives way to an open and highly functional space

White kitchen open to the living room

White kitchen open to the living room with a bar that separates the two spaces. A modern and very cozy white design

U-shaped white kitchen

Discover this modern and sophisticated design! A white U-shaped kitchen design with Intense Black granite countertop. Come in and fall in love with every detail!

Matte U-shaped kitchen with peninsula

Discover this modern and sophisticated design! A white U-shaped kitchen design with Intense Black granite countertop. Come in and fall in love with every detail!

Kitchen on two matt white fronts

Kitchen with matt white lacquered fronts, elegance and durability in a perfect design for your home.

modern rustic kitchen

Explore a unique kitchen that combines rustic charm and modern style. With a fusion of natural materials and an elegant design, this kitchen invites you to enjoy special moments in a cozy and sophisticated environment.

Glossy white kitchen with island

Dream kitchen, a space of elegance and style. With a contemporary design in glossy white and a marble-finish porcelain countertop, immerse yourself in a luxurious environment. The island with cascading sides, ceiling-mounted extractor fan and fully integrated appliances add a touch of modernity.

Kitchen with gloss lacquer fronts

An L-shaped kitchen design exudes an air of modernity and elegance in every corner. With a polished appearance and contemporary style, this space is an example of simplicity and sophistication. Each element is integrated fluidly and harmoniously, creating an environment that invites you to enjoy aesthetics and functionality in perfect harmony.

After having inspired you, now you can ask us for the design or ideas you want for your kitchen, and we make it real.

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